The World Is A Stage: Tips For Staging Your Home For A Sale

Home listings with good photos can give you an advantage in selling your home. That's because new home buyers often rely on online listings where they can view homes before they make contact with a seller. But showcasing your home in the best light possible takes more than a quick snapshot of your home. To attract the most attention and appeal to buyers, staging your home before the photos are shot (and keeping it that way for potential buyers to view) may be one of the most important things you can do. According to Investopedia, failing to stage your home may reduce your sale price or even prevent you from making a sale. Follow these tips for staging your home before taking photos or before showing your home.

Remove Clutter in Coat Closets and Mudrooms

If your mudroom is overrun with shoes and the coat closet is bursting at the seams, pare it down before you take photos or show the home. Remove excess coats and accessories and leave only seasonal items in the coat closet. Likewise, remove anything covering the floor and clean off any shelves. This will help new buyers visualize room in the closet for all their belongings. While you may think that a closet stuffed with outerwear and sports equipment showcases how functional it is, it really makes the space look smaller and may make potential buyers question whether it is large enough for their needs. The same applies to shoes in the mudroom. Remove seldom worn shoes to show off the spacious area for wet boots or muddy shoes.

Tidy the Kitchen

While you may love your spacious counter tops so much that they are covered with all your prized kitchen appliances, potential buyers will only see a cluttered mess and may wonder if there will be room for their own items. Clear the counters of only vital appliances, like the coffee maker and toaster, and show off the clear, clean lines of your counters. Place a decorative item or two, such as a bowl of fruit or an interesting art piece, in the corner or on the island. This makes your counters look larger and allows potential buyers to envision them as their own.

Fix Broken or Damaged Items

That loose doorknob or missing screw may not seem like a big issue, but it will attract the eye of a potential buyer and may send the message that you have neglected basic home maintenance. Take the time to go through your home and look for anything that is broken, loose, or otherwise damaged and repair it before you take a shot of the rooms. A second set of eyes from a friend or neighbor may reveal minor imperfections you simply don't notice anymore.

Show Off Wall and Floor Space

You may love your collage of family photos that dominate the living room wall, but a potential buyer isn't likely to be impressed. Now is the time to remove personal photos and replace them with a few tasteful pieces of artwork instead. Leave plenty of space around the frames for the potential buyer to envision their own decor. If your beautiful floors are one of the room's best features, make sure that it shows. Pare down furniture and get rid of rugs or runners that conceal the floor.

Highlight Special Features

Putting the spotlight on your home's best features makes sense. If that wall of windows showcases a spectacular view, don't hide it with drapes or place furniture in front of it. Arrange furniture and accessories so the windows are the focal point of the room and open the drapes to let the natural light in. 

Minimize Children's and Pet's Toys

You don't need to remove all signs of your children and pets, but removing excess toys and playthings will make your home look cleaner and more organized. Toss toys in baskets and tuck them out of sight, leaving a few well-loved toys (like a rocking horse or doll house) in view. Likewise, keep pet toys picked up when your pets are not actively playing with them.

Staging your home before taking photos for a listing or a showing can help you attract potential buyers and help you get the best price for your home, too. Contact a business like brown real estate consultants for more help selling your home.