3 Technology Trends That Are Changing the Way People Buy Houses

Today's home buyer has plenty of options when it comes to choosing a home, and they also have many tools at their disposal when it comes to searching for their dream home. Even before visiting with a realtor, most potential home buyers start their search independently. Here are three technology trends that are making it easier to help home buyers find the house of their dreams.


In the age of the smartphone, it seems there's an app for everything, including ones that can help you find the perfect home in a great neighborhood. Thanks to technology, it's possible for potential buyers to snap a photo of any home they like and get instant information about the average house prices in that area, demographics information, and even details about the local schools and the neighborhood in general.

Other apps can give instant information about local restaurants, public transportation, and services, like ATM or bank locations in a given area. When you see a house you love and need to know if you can actually afford to buy it, there's even an app that will break down what you can afford based on current interest rates. If you have a smartphone, you literally have access to real estate information instantly, so you can go to your own realtor armed with more knowledge than ever before.

Virtual reality technology for home buyers

Have you ever looked a home listing online and loved the photographs, but wished you can see more before you actually drive all the way out to the property for a live viewing? Thanks to the use of virtual reality technology, that's now a real possibility. Some savvy sellers are offering virtual tours that completely change the way buyers view houses. This means relocating to a new city may not require several visits to view homes there. You simply take a virtual tour of the homes that you're interested in from the comfort of your living room or your realtor's office, then travel to have a "live" viewing of the homes that you like best.

With virtual reality, you're able to see more than just existing properties. Some developers of new homes are using the technology to let home buyers know what they can expect from projects that are currently under construction. Using this technology, you can put down your deposit on that new house or condo without wondering what you'll actually get for your money.

GPS targeting technology

If you've ever been shopping and received a notification from a nearby store regarding a sale or promotion, you can likely appreciate the use of GPS targeting in helping match buyers with homes. Geotargeting is an effective way for retailers, and realtors, to target consumers with promotions that are best suited to each buyer's tastes. When used in the real estate market, this type of marketing can be very effective for realtors and useful for buyers, too.

To take advantage of this type of technology, home buyers give information regarding their budget, desired locations, house features and amenities to their realtor, who can then "push" information about homes that meet this criteria when the buyer gets within a certain distance from the property. You can simply drive through desired areas and the information about available homes will pop up just like those retail sales notifications, making it easier than ever to find the house you want.

Finding a home shouldn't be a stressful, time-consuming experience. These technologies can help realtors find the right home for every buyer with less hassle, and though they may seem like marketing gimmicks today, they could be standard practice in selling and buying homes in the future. For more insight on current real estate trends, contact resources like Aaron Lillie - Real Estate Sales Representative.